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"Commit to working fully and wholeheartedly on you."

Services Provided

Personal Training

Offered to get YOU in shape! This service focuses on an individualized exercise plan to help you achieve your fitness goals. Designed to improve your strength, endurance and overall wellness! My goal is to implement a program that fits your needs and is easy to adhere to, in order to achieve your goals! *CAN BE PROVIDED IN PERSON OR VIRTUALLY!

Group Fitness

Find your INSPIRATION with this group fitness class! This class offers a variety of aerobic and strength based workouts. Designed to help you add some variety to your workouts  and be apart of a community! Nothing like being motivated by those around you! Remember, even though it is a group class, there are plenty of modifications to allow you to workout at your own pace! *CAN BE PROVIDED IN PERSON OR VIRTUALLY!

Reiki Alternative Healing

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine designed to provide energy healing from the inside out. This form of healing allows the practitioner to heal using the palms, as a way to release stagnate energy within the body. This form of healing is said to be similar to acupuncture. Reiki aids in natural healing processes, relieves emotional stress and improves overall wellbeing. This is is a great clear the mind and improve overall focus! *CAN BE PROVIDED IN PERSON OR VIRTUALLY!


This a 21-Day program that incorporates exercise, affirmations, meditation and journaling, to help you become the best version of yourself! SEE BELOW!!

Desiree Robinson





Your wellness is my priority!

Hello Beautiful souls! My name is Desiree Robinson, originally a physical therapist by trade, however, I recently decided to follow my passion for fitness. Along my journey, I became interested in helping others obtain overall health and wellness. 

My aim has always been to focus on healing the whole person, including: spiritual, mental and energetic aspects of the persona. Utilizing meditation, nutrition and Reiki to inspire self-fufillment.

My goal is to combine the physical, mental and spiritual bodies in order to balance all aspects of YOU. In short, my programs are designed to inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

Let me help you become who you are meant to be! 


Workouts to try at home!

Client Feedback

“Thank you for keeping us in tune, focused and shapely. Looking forward to the next calibration. It was a wonderful experience.”

Denise Jackson

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