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What is The 21-Day Recalibration Program?

The 21-Day Recalibration is a program I designed to improve overall wellbeing, hence the term "Recalibration." In a busy world, with external stressors from work, family and even friends. I decided to create a program that incorporates daily exercise, affirmations, meditations and journaling.

This program is designed, not only to improve the physical being but also the mental and spiritual aspects as well!

The aim of the 21-Day Recalibration Program is to re-align, refocus, and balance all aspects of YOU, focusing directly on the physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. In short, the process is designed to inspire YOU TO BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!

*This program is a self-paced and 100% VIRTUAL*

Image by Jay Castor

Daily Workouts

  • Live Zoom (Link provided upon sign up) workouts will be offered  for 21 days! Workouts are completed at 5:30 AM EST (10 AM EST on Saturday/Sunday), however, if you are unable to attend at that time, the workouts will be available via the FIT by Wix App (Daily)

  • Also, for anyone not on EST, the workouts will be recorded and placed on the App for future viewing. 

  • The daily workouts are uploaded on the app by 9AM EST Monday-Friday (12 PM EST Saturday/Sunday)! So, you'll be able to find them there EVERYDAY! 

  • The workouts are offered 7 days/week, however, you are not obligated to participate in every session, only if you desire.

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