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Workouts of the Month

Join the Monthly Challenge

Short on time and need a quick yet intense workout? I’m inviting you to try out these Monthly at-home workouts. These helpful fitness workouts require no equipment and will put you on the path towards a fitter and healthier you. Enjoy! 

Feel free to screenshot these workouts for later! 

Workout of the week.png

October Workout of the Month!

October 2021

Here's a HIIT workout to try at home. This is a short, but effective workout, that focuses on short bursts of high intensity exercise, followed by a lower intensity active recovery! No weights necessary for this workout! 


November Workout of the Month!

November 2021

Check out this short but effective workout! Complete each exercise for the allotted time, followed by a short rest break before transitioning into the next set of exercises! Try to go through the entire workout 2-3 times! Good luck!

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