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21-Day Recalibration Program

Want more information?

Daily Workouts

  • Live Zoom (Link provided upon sign up) workouts will be offered, for 21 days! Workouts are completed at 6:00 AM EST (10AM EST on Saturday/Sunday), however, if you are unable to attend at that time, the workouts will be available via the FIT by Wix App (Daily)

  • Also, for anyone not on EST, the workouts will be recorded and placed on the App for future viewing. 

  • The daily workouts are uploaded on the app by 9AM EST Monday-Friday (12PM EST Saturday/Sunday)! So, you'll be able to find them there EVERYDAY! 

  • The workouts are offered 7 days/week, however, you are not obligated to participate in every session, only if you desire.

Daily "I AM" Affirmations

  • “Daily affirmations are simple, positive statements declaring specific goals in their completed states.”

  • These are typically completed before you start the work day.

  • You can access a NEW DAILY AFFIRMATION in the "Daily Affirmations" TAB on the APP

  • Reminder: These “I AM” statements can be specific to you, ones that YOU create and/or be provided to you on a daily basis.

Daily Meditations

  • Daily Meditations will ALSO be provided DAILY via the App! However, they are designed to be completed in the evening. SO, they can be completed LIVE (via ZOOM Link) @ 8PM EST

  • If you are unable to make attend the LIVE Meditation, they will be posted DAILY via the App by 9:00 PM EST (Monday-Friday)!

  • On  Saturday/Sunday, they will be LIVE Directly following the LIVE workouts OR posted via the APP by 1PM EST. 

Journal Activities

  • This a free hand writing activity that allows you to express your feelings in written form 

  • The journal activities can be completed directly following the  LIVE meditations OR anytime during your day

  • You can find Daily Journal prompts/questions on the FIT by Wix App! 

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